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Animated Template Bundle Offer

Animated Template Bundle Offer

 ($49) Animated Template Pack
Looking to set your email apart from the rest of the inbox and draw attention to your emails? Several businesses have found that adding animation increases engagement.

For a one-time fee of $49, you’ll receive three mobile-responsive templates with your logo that are sure to excite your customers. 

Please provide the information requested below. After completion, we'll notify you by email. 
All designs purchased after 3:00 PM EST Friday, December 22nd will not be delivered until we return on Tuesday, December 26th.

Please select three templates:
 (Optional) Add a Personalized Animated Template to your order
For just $29 we'll create an additional animated template with your images.We will use your preferred images to create a .gif file that will be uploaded to your Constant Contact library. Once we take your images and create your animation, the file is locked in place and cannot be edited, but you will be able to add this animation in any of your templates. Looking for more personalized templates check them out here www.constantcontact.com/personalizedtemplates 

Please select one template below
You have selected a template that includes a personalized animated graphic. Please upload images with no text on them, preferably formatted in landscape orientation(longer across the bottom, shorter on the sides). 

If you do not provide images, you agree that we may use images from your website, social media, or our internal image library to create your animated graphic(s).

To add more than one image, click the link on the right that says "Additional Image."
Payment & Acceptance

You will receive an email when the design is ready to use. While most designs take just a few
business days to complete, some may take longer depending on the volume of requests.

Once your design is delivered, please contact Support at (866) 289-2101 if you would like to
make changes or have questions about how to use Constant Contact.

Didn't see a template you like? Click here to get a branded template for $49.