National Organization Speaking Request Form

At Constant Contact, our number one goal is to support you in your mission to help small businesses. We do this by offering a variety of free workshops for your members/clients. Workshops are designed to help your members/clients become savvy email and online marketing experts.


Workshops are also a great way for Constant Contact to expose your organization to new members or clients.

To book a workshop, simply fill out the form below and one of our Regional Development Directors (or someone from their team) will be in touch.   Below is a sample of workshops we offer. Please keep in mind that workshops vary by location. 

  • Power of the Inbox
  • Getting started with Email Marketing
  • Grow your Business with Email and Social Media
  • How to Have Your Best Holiday Season Ever 
  • Back to Business: 30 Ways to Grow Your List 
  • Content Marketing: What to Say, How to Say It
  • Stand Out Subject Lines

If you have any specific questions before submitting the form, please email and we will reply as soon as possible.  For more information about our Local Education Program, click here.

Thank you!



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